Magical Fairy Garden

Fairy Garden Terrarium

What You'll Need:

Small Bottle
Faux Moss Rocks
Mini Mushrooms
Small Succulents
Clear Acrylic AB Beads
Glue Dots®

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 15 Minutes

How to Make a Fairy Garden Terrarium

Let your imagination run wild while creating your own whimsical Fairy Garden Terrarium! With the help of just a few basic supplies and parental supervision, kids will have their own Fairy Garden Terrarium in no time. Find all your supplies at your local Pat Catan's. 
  • 1 Place bark in bottle

    Place a layer of bark in the bottom of the bottle. 

  • 2 Add moss

    Place a layer of moss over the bark. Use tweezers to help position it in place. 

  • 3 Add faux moss rock

    Place a faux moss rock into the bottle. 

  • 4 Add mushroom

    Add a Glue Dot® to the bottom of a mushroom and secure it to the top of the rock using tweezers. 

  • 5 Add succulents

    Remove several succulents from their stems and place into the bottle. 

  • 6 Add embellishments

    Add a few clear beads for fairy orbs to the moss. 

  • 7 Cork bottle

    Cork the bottle and tie a piece of jute around the neck.