Flower Canvas

Flower Canvas

What You'll Need:

12 x 12 Burlap Canvas
1 Sheet of Pink felt
2 sheets of Olive Green felt
2 sheets of Ivory felt
1 sheet of Light Grey felt
1 sheet of Charcoal felt
18 Gauge Cloth covered Floral Wine
8mm Pearls (Optional)
Pink Ribbon of choice
Hot Glue Gun
Wire Cutters

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 1 Hour & 30 Minutes

How to Make a Flower Canvas

Create this beautiful Flower Canvas! Craft bright flowers of the season out of a variety of colorful sheets of felt and add to a burlap canvas. This canvas will look great as you welcome in spring!
  • 1 Cut out templates

    Cut out leaves and succulent and anemone templates. Trace onto felt and cut out.

  • 2 Rolled flowers (pink)

    Cut a 6" circle of felt, then cut the circle into a spiral, leaving a small circle in the center. Roll the strip starting at the outside edge. when flower is rolled, glue the circle section onto the bottom of the flower to secure. Fluff flower as needed. Glue a pearl into the center of the flower if desired.

  • 3 Loopy grey flower

    Cut a 12" x 4" strip of grey felt. Fold lengthwise and glue along the edge. Press along edge to help set the glue. Cut 1/4" sections down the strip, leaving about a 1/2" space from the edge. Hold the glued section and roll up felt. Glue end in place. Fluff the loops.

  • 4 Succulent

    Trace and cut out the center section, 21 leaves and 2" base fom green felt. Roll the center section up and glue bottom to the center of the base.

  • 5 Add smaller leaves

    Glue the smaller leaves around the center, overlapping, and then add the larger leaves.

  • 6 Anemone

    Cut and trace the petals for the larger flower from ivory felt. Cross and glue bottom section of petals. Glue the 4 smaller petals together, slightly overlapping. Glue larger petals behind the 4 petals. Make a black loopy flower and glue in the center. Cut out 14 small leaves and glue 3-6 each onto cloth cover floral wires.

  • 7 Complete canvas

    Arrange and glue the flowers onto the canvas. Refer to photo. Cut ribbon and glue to the back for hanging.