Joyful Wall Hanger

Joyful Wall Hanger

What You'll Need:

11" Gold Metal Ring
All Things You Yarn
Clear Plastic Ornament
20mm Wooden Beads
  -2 packages
Acrylic Paints
  -Dark Green
  -Soft Green
Christmas Quotes Stencil
Tulip® Green Paint
White Paint Pen
Black Sharpie®
Big-Holed Plastic Needle
Hot Glue

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 2 Hours

How to Make a Joyful Wall Hanger

Decorate for the holidays with a Joyful Wall Hanger! This beautiful piece will be a great addition to any door or wall with its festive wrapped yarn, holly leaves and painted beads.
  • 1 Paint the beads & ornament

    Using the photo as a guide, paint the wooden beads and plastic ornament red. Set aside to dry.

  • 2 Cut, fold & knot mushroom yarn

    Cut twenty-three strands of the mushroom yarn into 48" lengths. Fold each in half and slip knot them onto the bottom of the hoop.

  • 3 Whitewash the beads & ornament

    Whitewash white paint onto the ornament and beads and let dry.

  • 4 Combine yarn & wrap the hoop

    Combine the mushroom and claret yarn together into a small ball. Wrap the remainder of the hoop with the mixed yarn ball.

  • 5 Add "Joy"

    Using the stencil, trace the word "Joy" onto the ornament with a pencil. Fill it in with the black marker. Highlight it with the white paint pen.

  • 6 Cut & decorate holly leaves

    Cut holly leaves from the two shades of green felt sheets. Draw leaf veins onto some of the holly leaves using the Tulip® green paint. Set aside to dry.

  • 7 Hang the beads

    Randomly hang 20mm beads throughout the yarn strands by threading the yarn onto the leaves as berries.

  • 8 Arrange holly leaves and beads

    Arrange and glue the holly leaves along the bottom of the hoop. Glue 25mm beads onto the leaves as berries.

  • 9 Create the hook

    Cut a 30" section of mushroom yarn. Fold it in half and slip knot it onto the ornament. Make a knot about 3" above the ornament, tie and knot the yarn to the top center of the hoop. Leave about 6" and knot the yarn again. Trim off any excess.