Love Bug

Love Bug

What You'll Need:

Red 1.5" Poms
Assorted Pink Poms
7mm Assorted Poms
5mm Assorted Poms
7mm Wiggle Eyes
Foam Hearts
Aleene's® Quick Grab Glue

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 10 Minutes

How to Make a Love Bug

Get into the Valentine's Day spirit with these little Love Bugs (don't worry, these are the good kind)! Create an adorable Love Bug out of poms, wiggle eyes and hearts. Give each Love Bug style with bright red and pink poms. Not one is the same, so have fun making your own variations of bugs!
  • 1 Create Love Bug's body

    Glue a large pom onto a foam heart and add wiggle eyes and pom nose.

  • 2 Create additional Love Bug

    Glue 2 poms together. Glue on eyes and a pom nose.

  • 3 Give your Love Bug a lift

    Glue 2 smaller foam hearts onto the back for wings.