Lucky Leprechaun

Lucky Leprechaun

What You'll Need:

Paper Mache Cone (7" or 5")
Green felt (Kelly or Lime Green)
Black Felt
Orange Felt
Fat Quarter of choice
Fur - (Orange, Tan, or Red)
Wood Beads
Bakers Twine
3-in-1® Glue

Difficulty: Beginner
Approximate Time: 25 Minutes

How to Make a Lucky Leprechaun

Get ready for St. Patrick's Day with your own Lucky Leprechaun! This whimsical gnome is an adorable addition to any festive display with its oversized hat and long, colorful beard. Who knows, it may even bring you some good luck!
  • 1 Cut out templates

    Cut out the mini gnome template and the small gnome template and trace onto felt and material.

  • 2 Create leprechaun's hat & body

    Cut out hat from felt and body from fat quarter material.

  • 3 Create leprechaun's body

    Place cone onto material, roll and glue in place. Tuck extra material up inside cone and glue in place.

  • 4 Create leprechaun's beard

    Cut a traingle fur beard and glue onto the cone.

  • 5 Create leprechaun's nose

    Glue a bead nose onto the fur.

  • 6 Add bakers twine

    Cut a 6" section of bakers twine; knot one end and glue to top inside section of felt. Glue the back seam of the felt. Fold the edge up and place onto the gnome.

  • 7 Create wrap for hat

    Cut a slightly arced strip of 1/2" black felt. Wrap and glue around the hat.

  • 8 Create buckle for hat

    Cut a 1" orange felt square. Fold in half, cut a slit and then cut around the inside leaving a thin border around for a buckle. Glue onto the black felt.

  • 9 Create shamrock

    Cut 2 squares from green felt. Stack and cut out a shamrock. Glue back to back onto the end of the bakers twine.