Mountain Mobile

Mountain Mobile

What You'll Need:

9" Embroidery Hoop
Super Assortment Cardstock Pack
Baker's Twine
Pony Beads
12mm Wooden Beads
Hot Glue
Straight Edge
Mountain Template

Difficulty: Beginner
Approximate Time: 35 Minutes

How to Make a Mountain Mobile

Bring the great outdoors home with this Mountain Mobile! Use colorful cardstock, beads and more to create your own snowcapped hanging decoration.
  • 1 Create mountains

    Trace and cut out fifteen mountain triangles from several different colored cardstocks.

  • 2 Create snow

    Cut out fifteen snow toppers and glue one onto each triangle.

  • 3 Set aside & fold

    Set aside five triangles. Fold the remaining triangles in half lengthwise.

  • 4 Cut twine & attach flat triangles

    Cut the baker's twine into five 16" sections. Run a thin bead of glue down the center of the five fat triangles and attach each to the center of a piece of baker's twine.

  • 5 Attach the folded triangles

    Run a bead of glue down the outside folds of the ten folded triangles and attach one to each side of the five triangles.

  • 6 Attach wooden beads

    Tie a wooden bead to the bottom end of the baker's twine below the mountains.

  • 7 Tie several pony beads

    Tie several pony beads to the top of the twine above the mountains.

  • 8 Arrange & tie mountains

    Using the photo as a guide, arrange the mountains onto the hoop and tie into place.