No Glue Winter Cone

No Glue Winter Cone

What You'll Need:

1 Spray Mixed Pine
2 Spray Veronica
1 Vine Frosted Cone
1 Teardrop Frosted
2 Sparkle Leaf Spray
1 Poinsettia Glitter Flower
1 Berry Mixed Pick

Courtesy of EnWreathed
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Approximate Time: 45 Minutes

How to Make a No Glue Winter Cone

Adorn your front door with the colors of the season! This beautiful No Glue Winter Cone will glisten in the cool sunlight with its wintry scene full of vibrant pine, veronica, poinsettia and more. Pick up your supplies at your local Pat Catan's.
  • 1 Protect work area

    Protect working area because the Frosted Vine Cone will shed. This project does not require hot glue unless necessary to secure loose pieces.

  • 2 Add Frosted Teadrop Greenery to cone

    Insert wrapped U-shaped wire end of the Frosted Teardrop Greenery into the Frosted Vine Cone until it cannot go any further. The greenery will partially be inside cone to hold future additions.

  • 3 Add Mixed Pine to cone

    Carefully bend paper wrapped end of Mixed Pine to form U-shape. This method will help secure piece inside cone. Insert cone in front of Frosted Teardrop Greenery.

  • 4 Add Sparkle Leaves

    Again, carefully bend paper wrapped end of Sparkle Leaf to form U-shape. Firmly insert into cone on the left side. Do the same step for the second Sparkle Leaf and insert in the cone on the right side in front of the Frosted Teardrop.

    Note: Bend all greenery and accent picks for a natural look. Picks are wired to allow for shaping and repositioning. Rule of Thumb is to reshape pieces as you would find in nature!

  • 5 Add Veronica Spray

    Bend ends of Veronica Spray into U-shape and firmly insert into cone on left and right sides in front of Frosted Teardrop Greenery.

  • 6 Position greenery

    Pull down greenery along the front of the Vine Cone and bend into place. Allow the greenery to cascade beyond the cone.

  • 7 Add Mixed Berry

    Bend end of Mixed Berry Pick into U-shapel firmly insert in front of cone. Pull leaves down and bend in front of cone.

  • 8 Add poinsettia

    Following previous steps, bend wrapped end of Poinsettia and insert firmly in the middle of arrangement. Reposition other leaves around flower.

  • 9 Decorate cone

    Move and bend pieces to fit. Push U-shaped picks into cone. If necessary, use hot glue and spot apply to areas that may need.