Pom Flower Bouquet

Pom Flower Bouquet

What You'll Need:

Clover® Pom Makers
Yarn of Choice (Chunky Blues and White Shown)
Glass Vase of Choice
1/8" Dowel Rods
Hot Glue or Aleene's® Quick Grab Glue


Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 25 Minutes

How to Make a Pom Flower Bouquet

Craft your own Pom Flower Bouquet! This bouquet is easy to create with a pom maker and will look great on any table or desk. Add your own touch with wintry or different colored poms.
  • 1 Follow directions on Pom Maker

    Following the directions on the Clover® Pom Maker, create several poms in coordinating colors.

  • 2 *Optional*

    Snap a 1"-2" section off from the bottom of several dowel rods.

  • 3 Glue pom onto rod

    Glue the end of a dowel rod and push into pom.

  • 4 Create flower

    Pull the tie strands down and wrap just below the pom on the dowel. Glue ends in place. Take another section of the same color yarn, glue just under the pom and wrap tightly down around the dowel.

  • 5 Accent vase

    Wrap some yarn around the neck of the vase and glue or knot in place.

  • 6 Complete bouquet

    Insert flowers into the vase.