Rustic Sled Christmas Wall Hanging

Rustic Sled Christmas Ornament

What You'll Need:

Pep Berries
Hot Glue
Wire Cutters

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 25 Minutes

How to Make a Rustic Sled Christmas Wall Hanging

This Rustic Sled Christmas Wall Hanging is just what you need to bring back childhood memories of zipping down icy hills on your own sled. These decorations are simple enough for you to make for your friends, which is perfect because they're an adorable hostess gift at any holiday get together.
  • 1 Trim & glue pine

    Trim pine stems and glue the pine to the upper part of the sled.

  • 2 Tie & glue bow

    Create a bow and glue it into place over the pine.

  • 3 Glue burlap bow

    Create puckered loops using burlap and secure them in place using hot glue, working around to create a flower look. Glue in place in the center of the bow.

  • 4 Glue pep berries

    Glue pep berries in place coming out of the pine.

  • 5 Cut & glue jute

    Cut jute to desired lengths, gluing ends up in the pine and allowing the opposite ends to hang.

  • 6 Glue pinecones

    Glue pinecones and pine to the bottom of the jute.