Santa Gnome Wall Hanger

Santa Gnome Wall Hanger

What You'll Need:

2 Skeins of All Things You™ Fleece Yarn
Durafoam Discs: 8", 12"
3" Styrofoam® Ball
1 Yard Red Felt
  -Soft Green
  -2 Sheets of Tan
Red Tinsel Pom Poms
Jumbo Chenille Stem
Floral U-Pins
Floral Wire
Fabri-Tac® Glue
Hot Glue

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 2 Hours

How to Make a Santa Gnome Wall Hanger

Decorate for Christmas with a Santa Gnome Wall Hanger! This adorably jolly santa is complete with long, winding yarn for his whimsical beard, vibrant red felt for his hat and a ball for his bubbly nose. Be sure to hang the Santa Gnome on any door in time for the real Santa to visit!
  • 1 Wrap the ball

    Wrap the Styrofoam® ball with tan felt and glue the ends to the back.

  • 2 Cover and glue the discs

    Glue the tan felt to cover the small 8" durafoam disc. Glue the disc to the center of the larger 12" disc.

  • 3 Attach the ball to the disc

    Glue the felt covered ball to the center of the felt disc for the nose.

  • 4 Cut the yarn

    Cut two skeins of yarn into 30" lengths. Separate them into groupings of six.

  • 5 Fold the yarn

    Fold each section in half over a floral U-pin.

  • 6 Attach the yarn

    Push the first group into the bottom center endge of the larger disc. Push another two groups into either side, about 1" apart.

  • 7 Continue attaching the yarn

    Push the next group into the top disc at the bottom center edge. Push five more groups into both sides, spaced about 1" apart.

  • 8 Add yarn to the top edge

    Add two groups into the top edge on both sides of the nose.

  • 9 Continue pushing the yarn

    Push a group just below the nose. Take three groups of yarn, fold them in half again over a floral pin. Push one under the nose and the other two on either side of the nose.

  • 10 Create Santa's hat

    Measure and cut the red felt into a 30" square. Fold it into thirds on a diagonal to form a triangle at 30" x 16.5". Overlap the felt by 1/2" and glue the seam with Fabri-Tac®. Unroll the jumbo chenille, place it inside the hat around the bottom about 1" from the edge, with a tail section going up into the hat. Tack the bottom chenille with hot glue and fold the felt edge over. Stuff some Poly-fil® into the hat to help hold its shape. Scrunch the hat as desired.

  • 11 Attach the gnome and hat together

    Bend the floral wire into a U shape. Use an awl to poke two holes through the discs above the nose and push the wire through the discs. Place the hat on the gnome, turn it face down and poke two holes through the felt and pull the wires through. Twist the wires and form a loop for hanging.

  • 12 Embellish Santa's hat

    Cut leaf shapes from the green felt. Embellish the hat with green felt leaves and red pom pom berries.