Seal Pom

Seal Pom

What You'll Need:

Chunky White Yarn
Chunky Light Grey Yarn
12mm Half Round Eyes
.75" Round White Poms
Grey Felt
Clover® Pom Maker 3 3/8"
Aleene's® Quick Grab Glue
Template for Fins and Tail


Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 25 Minutes

How to Make a Seal Pom

Create your own cuddly Seal Pom! This wintry craft is easy to create with a pom maker and your parent seal will be united with the Pup Pom in no time!
  • 1 Follow directions on Pom Maker

    Follow directions on the Clover® Pom Maker to make the pom body. On one side of the pom maker use white yarn and on the other half of the pom maker use grey yarn.

  • 2 Use template

    Cut two fins and a tail from white felt using the template.

  • 3 Create Seal's Face

    Glue the eyes onto the grey portion of the pom along with two white poms and then glue small grey triangles for the mouth and nose. Refer to the photo for a guide.

  • 4 Add fin & tail

    Arrange and glue the fins and tail ends into the pom.