Snow Measuring Stick

Snow Measuring Stick

What You'll Need:

Sticky Sticks
Google Eyes Self Stick
Fabric Scraps of choice
Stiff Black felt
Sticky Back Stiff Orange Felt
Sharpie® Marker

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 25 Minutes

How to Make a Snow Measuring Stick

Count the snow as it accumulates with this Snow Measuring Stick! Decorate the stick with a festive snowman face and it'll be ready to go outside to count the snow as it falls in no time.
  • 1 Create hat and nose

    Cut hat out of black felt and carrot nose out of orange felt.

  • 2 Create measuring stick

    Attach three sticky sticks

    Stick 1: Sticky side up
    Stick 2: Attach sticky end sticky side down to stick 1
    Stick 3: Attach sticky end to stick 2 sticky side up.

  • 3 Attach hat

    Attach hat to the sticky part of stick 3.

  • 4 Mark counting stick

    Using a ruler and Sharpie® Marker, mark off 1" increments starting from stick 1 going up.

  • 5 Add scarf

    Rip approx. a 6" x 1" piece of fabric and tie around neck.

  • 6 Create face

    Attach nose and eyes.