Standing Mesh Snowman

Standing Mesh Snowman

What You'll Need:

Tomato Cage
2 Rolls of Mesh
8" foam Ball
Fleece for Scarf
Paper Mache Hat
9mm Eyes
18mm Eyes
2 Packages of Chenille Stems
Floral Pick for Hat
Poms of Choice
Light Brown Acrylic Paint
Black Paint for Hat

Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Approximate Time: Two Hours (Not Including Dry Time)

How to Make a Standing Mesh Snowman

Do you want to build a snowman? Stay indoors and create your own festive and adorable mesh snowman! Decorate the over four foot tall snowman with wintry mesh, buttons for his eyes and mouth, a carrot nose, a vibrant scarf and of course his trusty hat. Once complete, you'll have the perfect indoor or outdoor winter decor!
  • 1 Paint the hat

    Paint the hat black. Set aside to dry.

  • 2 Attach the foam ball to the tomato cage

    Bring the top points of the tomato cage together and push the foam ball onto the points, pushing the ball down until it cannot be pushed any further.

  • 3 Cover the ball

    Cover the ball with mesh, just like wrapping a lollipop, bringing the mesh down several inches. Wrap a chenille stem around the neck to secure the mesh.

  • 4 Create the first snow ball

    While not cutting the mesh, gather a puff measuring to the first ring of the cage for the first snow ball. Tie a chenille stem around the mesh and then onto the cage. Always tie the mesh then attach the cage.

  • 5 Continue creating the snow balls

    Continue to make the next puff down and then to the bottom ring of the cage.

  • 6 Continue puffing the snow balls

    Without cutting, work your way back upwards until you reach the neck, then come back down. Continue until all mesh is gone.

  • 7 Puff the second snow ball

    At the start of the second roll, gather the mesh, tie on a chenille stem and pick up from the end of the first roll. There is no set number of rows in each section.

  • 8 Note

    If there is a gap at the snowman's head, this can be fixed at the end of the project using green pins.

  • 9 Puff the upper body of the snowman

    If the upper boddy looks full before the end of the second roll, just do middle and bottom puff to complete the snow balls.

  • 10 Attach the snowman's nose

    This step MUST be completed next: Cut off a small section of carrot, then using a 3'4" piece of plant stake, push into the cut area of the carrot and glue in, adding glue to the cut area of the carrot.

  • 11 Push the stake in

    Push the stake into the snowman's face, centering it. This MUST be done to make sure the nose stays in place.

  • 12 Attach the snowman's eyes and mouth

    Poke a small hole using the scissors into the mesh. Only poke once as removing the eyes or mouth will leave holes in the foam. Push the eyes and mouth into the snowman's face. There is no need for glue as the eyes and mouth will stay in place.

  • 13 Add the scarf

    Add the scarf of your choice to the snowman.

  • 14 Attach the snowman's hat

    Glue the pick onto the hat and glue the hat onto the snowman's head.

  • 15 Note

    As mentioned in step 8, add green pins at this time if necessary to secure the mesh onto the head.