Valentine Love Wreath

Valentine Love Wreath
16" Grapevine Wreath
Greenery Bush Eucalyptus
Long Stem Satin Rose Spray
Sten Bundle Peony Rose/Cream
Stem Bundle Rose Succulent Pink
Stem Bundle Rose Pink
Wood Love Plaque
Hot Temp Glue Gun - Glue Stick Size 7/16 inch
Wire Cutter
Hot Melt Extra Strength High Temp Glue Sticks
22 Gauge Black Wire

Courtesy of EnWreathed
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Approximate Time: 1 Hour

How to Make a Valentine Love Wreath

Create your own Valentine Love Wreath, courtesy of EnWreathed! Full of eucalyptus and bright red and pink rose buds, this wreath is the perfect addition to your outdoor Valentine's Day decorations.
  • 1 Protect work area

    Protect working area. The Grapevine Wreath will shed and hot glue may drip.

  • 2 Cut wire & loop through plaque

    Cut two 3-inch pieces of wire and loop each through the picture hooks on the back of the wood love plaque.

  • 3 Add plaque to wreath

    Secure the wood love plaque to the grapevine wreath using wire. Twist wire onto the back of the wreath and cut the excess wire.

  • 4 Cut eucalyptus stems

    Using wire cutters, cut individual eucalyptus stems from the bush. Leave approximately 2 inches on each stem for glue and wreath placement.

  • 5 Add eucalyptus stems

    Apply hot glue to bottom of individual eucalyptus stem and insert into grapevine under the "Love" sign. Keep adding stems under the sign paying attention not to cover the sign.

  • 6 Add additional eucalyptus stems

    The bottom of the wreath should be full of eucalyptus stems. Several stems can also be placed on the left side.

  • 7 Cut flower stems

    Cut flower stems from bushes leaving approximately 2 inches from flower bud.

  • 8 Accent wreath

    Stems of flowers are wired to allow for shaping and repositioning. Avoid flowers sticking straight out from the wreath. Bend all grenery and accent picks for a natural look. Rule of thumb is to reshape pieces as you would find in nature!

  • 9 Add pink rose bud stem

    Apply hot glue pink rose bud stem and insert into base of grapevine among the eucalyptus. Nestle the rose buds among the greenery.

  • 10 Add more pink flower buds

    Keep gluing flower buds throughout the greenery. Allow flower heads to face down beyond the wreath.

  • 11 Add red rosebuds

    Glue red rosebuds among the greenery and other flower buds. Slightly bend stems downward.

  • 12 Complete wreath

    Using wire cutters, snip flower stems from the back of the wreath that may be sticking out.