Vintage DIY Snowflake Decorations

Vintage DIY Snowflake Decorations

What You'll Need:

3” Brown Standing Deer
2 1/2” Brown Lying Deer
8” Antique Snowflake
3” Green Sisal Tree
1 1/2” Frost Sisal Tree
1” Black Lantern Ornament
Mod Podge
14 Gauge Jewelry Wire
Snowflake Cotton
Hot Glue

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Approximate Time: 1 Hour

How to Make Vintage Snowflake Decorations

Create a whimsical, sparkling snowscape in your home with an assortment of snowflake home decor. These flakes will bring the beauty of winter into your home without letting in the cold! The Vintage DIY Snowflake Decorations will be the perfect addition to your collection of DIY holiday decor. 
  • 1 Cut string

    Cut the string off of the snowflake.

  • 2 Add glitter

    Brush the trees with Mod Podge and roll them in glitter.

  • 3 Secure on snowflake

    Hot glue the deer, trees and snow onto the snowflake.

  • 4 Create a Shepard's hook

    Bend a 5” piece of wire to make a Shepard’s hook. Then, hot glue the hook to the snowflake.

  • 5 Hang lantern

    Hang the lantern on the hook.