Wintry Camper Shadow Box

Wintry Camper Shadow Box

What You'll Need:

Unfinished Wooden Crate
Wooden Camper
Wooden Car
6" Sisal Trees
Multi-Pack Sisal Trees
Wooden Spools
Aleene's® True Snow
Moon Lights
Screw Eyes
Acrylic Paint
  -Dark Blue
  -Light Green
Hot Glue
Craft Stick
Painter's Tape

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 1 Hour (Not Including Dry Time)

How to Make a Wintry Camper Shadow Box

Set a wintry scene in a decorative light up Shadow Box! Use festive paint, snow, mini trees and a wooden camper and car to depict the holiday tradition of tree-picking! Turn on the moon lights at night to have your decoration glow all season long.
  • 1 Paint the wood crate

    Using the photo as a guide, paint the inside of the wood crate dark blue and let dry. Splatter with white paint.

  • 2 Paint the car & camper

    Paint the car red and the tires black. Paint the camper red, white and turquoise.

  • 3 Highlight the car & camper

    Highlight the car and camper with a fine brush dipped in white paint.

  • 4 Stain the crate

    Stain the outside of the crate with thinned down light green paint.

  • 5 Prerpare the crate for lights

    For the lights, use an awl to make a small hole near the top inside edge of the crate. Turn the crate upside down, so the top is at the bottom. To hang the lights, use an awl to poke five holes, spaced out along the bottom. Twist the screw eyes into the holes. Flip the crate upright.

  • 6 Add the larger tree

    Bend the base of the 6" tree so it's parallel with the tree. Trim the sisal branches back on that side. Glue the tree inside the back of the crate on the right side.

  • 7 Prepare the camper & car

    Glue a spool to the back side of the camper and the car.

  • 8 Spread snow & arrange shadow box

    Spread several areas along the bottom of the crate with snow. Arrange the car, camper and smaller trees inside the crate and glue them into place. Add more snow if needed.

  • 9 Add the moon lights

    Insert the moon lights through the hole at the top of the crate and loop through the screw eyes. Tape the battery pack to the back of the crate.