Woodland Lantern

Woodland Lantern

What You'll Need:

White Lantern
Natural Sisal Trees: 6", 4", 3"
Minis: Outhouse with Wreath, Fence, Deer
Buffalo Snow
Plaid Ribbon
Pine Pick
Floral Foam
Hot Glue
Serrated Knife

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Crafting Time: 2 Hours

How to Make a Woodland Lantern

Winter decorations aren't complete without a lantern to top it all off. Add a few minis, trees and a little bit of plaid to your lantern of choice and soon youl'll have your own Woodland Lantern.
  • 1 Arrange minis & trees

    Arrange the minis and trees inside the lantern. Cut some floral foam to create heigh and dimension and glue it into place.

  • 2 Glue into place

    Glue the minis into place. Arrange the moonlights along the base, leaving the battery switch in the front of the lantern for easy access.

  • 3 Arrange snow

    Arrange the snow to cover the foam and lights.

  • 4 Add a small bow

    Add a small bow and pine pick to the handle of the lantern.