String Art In Bloom

String Art In Bloom

What You'll Need:

Unfinished Wood Panel
White and Brown Acrylic Paint
3-ply Natural Jute Cord
Natural Hemp Cord- Green
1" Brass Nails
Silk Flowers of Choice
Paper Vase Patterns
Rags or Paper Towels


Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 30 Minutes for each wood panel

How to Make your own String Art in Bloom wood panel

This trendy String Art In Bloom wood panel is the perfect decoration for your home! Use nails and weave string through a decorative jar or basket. Bring this piece to life with bright, seasonal flowers!
  • 1 Dampen wood panel

    Use a brush and water to make the wood panel slightly damp.

  • 2 Whitewash wood

    Thin white paint with water. Use a brush or damp rag to whitewash the wood. For a brown stain, thin brown paint with water and wipe or brush on paint.

  • 3 Allow dry time

    Let wood dry.

  • 4 Add pattern to wood panel

    Center and tape the paper basket or jar pattern onto the bottom half of the dry wood panel.

  • 5 Hammer nails along pattern

    Use a hammer to nail 1" brass nails on all of the "nail dots" that are indicated on the pattern. Leave at least 1/2" to 5/8" of the nail sticking up out of the wood to wrap the cord onto. Remove paper pattern after all the nails have been placed.

  • 6 String along nails

    Start at a corner nail and knot one end of the cord to it. Pull the cord gently taut over to the next nail and wrap around that nail once. Continue moving along the outside edge of the jar or basket outline all the way around, wrapping the cord onto each nail.

  • 7 *Instructions for basket*

    For the basket, go inside the pattern and wrap each of the nails to copy the finished example in the photograph. Tie off with a knot and trim the cord when complete.

  • 8 Add flowers

    Add silk flowers to the jar or basket to complete the String Art in Bloom wood panel!