White Washed Coat Hook

White Washed Coat Hook

What You'll Need:

15"x9" Wood Pallet
Antique Copper Metal Backplates
2 Whitewashed Metal Blackplates
Pale Green Glass Knob
Amber Glass Knob
White Metal Knob
White Chalk Paint
Damp Cloth
Awl or Drill
Phillips-Head Screwdriver

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 1 Hour

How to Make a Whitewashed Coat Hook

Dress up your space with a Whitewashed Coat Hook! Adorn a wood pallet with decorative doorknobs, a little bit of paint and a few nails for the perfect place to hang your coats up. 
  • 1 Wet wood pallet

    Wipe the pallet with a damp cloth or brush it wet.

  • 2 Wipe paint on pallet

    Apply some paint onto a cloth and wipe onto the pallet. 

  • 3 Position metal plates

    Position the metal plates onto the pallet. Use an awl to mark the screw locations. 

  • 4 Screw knob into plate

    Screw a knob into each of the metal plates.

  • 5 Screw plate on pallet

    Screw the plates onto the pallet.