Yarn DIY Wall Hanging

Yarn DIY Wall Hanging

What You'll Need:

Red Heart Grande Metallic Yarn or Your Favorite Yarn
1 1/2" Gold Ring
2 1/2" Gold Ring
Super Glue
Round Wood Dowel Cut to 7 1/4"

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Approximate Time: 1 Hour

How to Make a Yarn DIY Wall Hanging

Yarn has never been trendier when you make this Yarn DIY Wall Hanging! With bright gold rings and your favorite metallic accented yarn, this geometric inspired wall hanging looks perfect as part of a gallery wall, or as a decoration all on its own.
  • 1 Loop yarn onto ring

    Cut a piece of yarn approximately 16" long, fold it in half and string it through the 1 1/2" gold ring. Take the loose ends of the string and pull them through the yarn loop, pulling them down, but not all of the way.

  • 2 Tie onto dowel

    Measure 8" down from the gold ring on each strand yarn and tie onto each side of the dowel rod, about 1/2"  from the ends. Secure each knot with a dab of super glue. Trim any excess yarn.

  • 3 Loop yarn onto other ring

    Cut another piece of yarn 11" long and fold it in half, knotting it at the loose end. String it through the 2 1/2" ring and pull the knotted end through the yarn loop.

  • 4 Loop rings together

    String the knotted end of the yarn attached to the 2 1/2" ring through the 1 1/2" ring. Pull them through the yarn loop, knotting them like in the previous steps.

  • 5 Cut yarn & knot on dowel

    Cut a piece of cardboard about 14" long. Wrap your yarn around it 5 times for bulky yarn or 10 times for standard yarn. Cut down an end of the yarn to get a bundle of strands folded in half. Fold the folded end of the yarn over the dowel and string the loos ends through the loop, knotting them in place on the dowel.

  • 6 Repeat

    Repeat Step 5 until the dowel rod is full. Depending on the thickness of the yarn, it will take 4 to 6 knotted bundles.

  • 7 Trim yarn strands

    Trim the hanging yarn strands so they form a point at the bottom.