Caution Chalkboard Tag

Caution Chalkboard Tag

What You'll Need:

Chalkboard Tag
"Caution" Washi Tape
Connected Wiggle Eyes
Assorted Wiggle Eyes
Orange Fur
Assorted Orange Poms
Hot Glue

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 25 Minutes

How to Make a Caution Chalkboard Tag

Oh no! The spooky season has arrived and you can give caution to the ghostly spirits with your own Chalkboard Tag. Add washi tape, eyes, fur and more to the tag and be ready to display on any door or shelf to warn your guests about the haunted ghouls!
  • 1 Attach washi tape to the tag

    Peel and stick several sections of the caution washi tape onto the chalkboard tag. Press firmly into place.

  • 2 Create faces & attach to the tag

    Cut a section of orange fur and glue to the back center of the connected wiggle eyes. Arrange and glue eyes onto the chalkboard tag. Glue on a pom nose.

  • 3 Continue adding faces to the tag

    Glue several more sets of assorted eyes and pom noses onto the tag. Cut another small section of fur and glue behind a set of eyes.