Decorative Zombie Spoons

Decorative Zombie Spoons

What You'll Need:

3 Wooden Spoons
Mason Jar
Halloween Fabric
Spider Webbing
Martha Stewart Crafts Paint
  -Granny Smith
Blue Moonlights
Black Sharpie® Marker
Floral Foam
Hot Glue
Knife or Straight Edge


Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 45 Minutes (Not Including Drying Time)

How to Make Decorative Zombie Spoons

Conjure up some spooky Halloween decorations with these Zombie Spoons! Paint and accessorize to create the unique zombie trio. Once complete, you can place them in a moon lit mason jar to create an eerie accent or centerpiece.

The Decorative Zombie Spoons will be a great decoration to set next to the Zombie Jars, too!
  • 1 Paint the spoons

    Paint the spoons light blue and indigo. Let them dry.

  • 2 Paint the zombies eyes

    Paint the eyes using green.

  • 3 Create the zombies' face

    Using the photo as a guide, draw eyes, mouths, noses and stitches onto the spoons.

  • 4 Add hair

    Cut and glue a section of fur onto the back of the spoons for hair.

  • 5 Cut & add the fabric

    Cut a section of the fabric and glue it onto the jar.

  • 6 Cut the floral foam

    Cut the floral foam block to fit inside the jar.

  • 7 Add webbing to the foam block

    Spread out webbing and place the foam block in the center of the jar. Gather up the webbing around the foam. Hot glue the bottom of the webbing wrapped foam and insert it into the jar.

  • 8 Add moonlights

    Use a spoon end to push the foam down into the bottom of the jar. Arrange the moonlights in the jar around the webbing and foam. Leave the moonlights battery pack on the outside of the jar.

  • 9 Rearrange the webbing

    Pull and spread the webbing around the lip and the outside of the jar.

  • 10 Arrange the spoons

    Arrange the spoons into the foam at different heights.