Leaf DIY Tea Light Holder

Leaf Plate

What You'll Need:

Sculpey Clay
Printed (or drawn) Outline of a Leaf
Rolling Pin
Butter Knife
Rounded Bottom Baking Dish or Aluminum Foil & Cookie Sheet

Courtesy of Ursula Carmona of HomeMadebyCarmona.com
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 1 Hour Including Bake Time

How to Make a Leaf DIY Tea Light Holder

They aren't just pretty, they are the perfect spot to stash your jewelry, keys or other trinkets! If you make several of them, it serves for a beautiful tea light holder on a tablescape! The best part? You can customize the style to suit! 

  • 1 Roll clay Rolling pin and clay

    Roll a ball of Sculpey clay even and smooth, to about 1/4th" thick. 

  • 2 Cut printed leaf Clay leaf

    Cut out your printed leaf outline. Then use it as the template to cut the clay into your leaf shape. 

  • 3 Smooth clay with knife Clay leaf

    Smooth any rough edges with the side of the knife. 

  • 4 Bake clay Leaf on plate

    Place clay leaf on a round bottom baking dish, with the desired side facing down. Bake at 300 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes (longer if the clay is thicker than 1/4"). 

  • 5 Paint decor paint leaf

    Once dishes are cool, you can paint it using an acrylic all-purpose paint, or spray paint.