Dragon Eye Coffin

Dragon Eye Coffin

What You'll Need:

Unfinished Wood Coffin
6" Dragon Eye
Air-Dry Clay
Wooden Furniture Button
Heavy Cardstock or Poster Board
Martha Stewart Crafts Paint
  -Beetle Black
  -Granny Smith
  -Metallic Silver
Paint Brushes
1/4" x 12" Dowel Rods
Clay Roller
Non-Stick Mat or Parchment Paper
Hot Glue
Keyhole Template

Difficulty Level: Some Experience Helpful
Approximate Time: 2 Hours (Not Including Drying Time)

How to Make a Dragon Eye Coffin

The eye of a ferocious beast watches over a mysteriously haunted coffin...Will you dare craft it? If you dare, add paint, clay and a dragon eye to this frighteningly spooky Halloween decoration.
  • 1 Stain & paint

    Think the black paint with water and stain the coffin. Paint the furniture buttons black. Set aside to dry.

  • 2 Create the keyhole

    Trace and cut out the keyhole template from heavy cardstock or poster board.

  • 3 Attach eye to the keyhole

    Peel and stick an eye to the center of the circle portion of the keyhole.

  • 4 Begin creating the dragon's scales

    Take a section of blue clay, flatten and spread it out as evenly as possible onto the cardstock or poster board below the eye.

  • 5 Create eyelids

    Take two sections of blue clay and roll two coils to 8" x 1/2". Place a coil under the eye for the lower lid and press down along the bottom edge. Press the other coil along the top edge of the eye. Roll two more coils to about 8" x 1/4". Place them side by side over the top edge of the eye for the top lid.

  • 6 Shape the dragon's scales

    Using the photo as a guide, roll blue clay into pea sized balls. Start at the bottom and work upwards, pressing the centers in place and overlapping.

  • 7 Create the keyhole's border

    Roll black clay out on a non-stick mat between two dowel rods and set apart about 4". Trim the clay into 1/2" wide strips. Using the photo as a guide, arrange the strips along the outside edges, forming the keyhole and overlapping the dragon scales. Roll thin coils and embellish the keyhole with "S" shapes. Roll and flatten pea shapes and press furniture buttons onto each.

  • 8 Continue painting the dragon and keyhole

    Dry brush green paint over the lids and scales. Dry brush silver over the keyhole designs.

  • 9 Attach keyhole to the coffin

    Arrange the keyhole onto the coffin and hot glue into place.