Ghost Banner

Ghost Banner

What You'll Need:

White Pom Fluff
Black Striped Baker's Twine
Natural 12mm Wooden Beads
Black Mini Pom Garland
Assorted Wiggle Eyes
Hot Glue

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 30 Minutes

How to Make a Ghost Banner

Boo! Create ghosts out of fluff, add to a mini garland and hang this ghostly banner just in time for Halloween!
  • 1 Unravel & cut fluff

    Unravel the fluff. Cut six 10" long sections.

  • 2 Cut the baker's twine

    Cut the baker's twine into twelve sections, each 12" long.

  • 3 Create a ghost

    Take a fluff section and fold it over the center of the cut baker's twine. Tie and knot the twine above the fold. Take another section of twine, wrap several times and knot it around the fluff at about 1" below the fold to create the head. Glue on the wiggle eyes.

  • 4 Continue creating ghosts

    Repeat step three for the other ghosts.

  • 5 Attach string & knot each ghost

    Knot the cord 1/2" above each ghost and slide on a wooden bead.

  • 6 Attach ghosts to twine

    Cut a 3" section of twine. Arrange and tie the ghosts onto the twine.

  • 7 Attach the twine to the mini garland

    Cut a section of the mini pom garland and tack it to the twine using hot glue.