Giant Gingerbread Homemade Candles

Giant Gingerbread Homemade Candles

What You'll Need:

Large Slab of Wax
Large Glass Hinged Lid Jars
Gingerbread Orange Scent - or Your Favorite Fragrance!
Cotton Twine or Wicks
Old Crock Pot or Old Pot for the Stove Top

Courtesy of Amy Renea from A Nest for All Seasons
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Approximate Time: 1 Hour

How to Make Giant Gingerbread Homemade Candles

This giant gingerbread candle is a better value than any candle you'll find at the store - plus you can completely customize it! Try combining your favorite scents to create a sweet smelling fragrance or adding cool effects like colorful layers of wax, fragrance pockets and even cinnamon sticks along the edge of the jar.
  • 1 Cut & melt wax Giant Gingerbread Homemade Candles

    Cut the slab of wax into chunks and melt them in an old crock pot. You can also melt them using a pot on a stove top at a very low temperature.

  • 2 Prepare wicks Giant Gingerbread Homemade Candles

    Buy candle wicks, or make your own by dipping thick cotton twine into the crock pot or pot of hot wax. Place the twine on waxed paper or a non-stick paper plate to dry. Dip the twine a few times to give it a good coating, then tie a coin or brass tack to the end as a weight.

  • 3 Add fragrance

    Continue melting chunks of wax. Once the wax is completely melted add between 10 and 20 drops of scent per chunk of wax. Be generous with scent so the finished candle is fragrant!

  • 4 Center & secure the wick Giant Gingerbread Homemade Candles

    Center the wick in the bottom of the jar. Secure it to the bottom of the jar with a dab of wax or hot glue. Tie the top of the wick to a pencil lying across the top of the jar to keep it in place while pouring the wax.

  • 5 Pour wax Giant Gingerbread Homemade Candles

    Use a funnel to pour the hot wax into the jar. Allow the wax to dry completely and begin melting the next chunk of wax. Continue pouring layers into the jar until full.

  • 6 Decorate Giant Gingerbread Homemade Candles

    Decorate the finished jar candle with a patterned vinyl lid or burlap wrap.