Gnome Sweet Home Canvas

Gnome Sweet Home Canvas

What You'll Need:

16x20 Canvas
Natural Wood Pumpkin
Unfinished Wood Balloon
Acrylic Paint
Paper Flowers
Wood Bead
Pom Fluff
Paper Towels
Craft Glue Stick
Sharpie® Marker
Hot Glue


Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 1 hour and 45 Minutes (Not Including Dry Time)

How to Make a Gnome Sweet Home Canvas

This whimsical gnome needs a home! Will you help him? Paint a pumpkin home, attach colorful felt and flowers and then complete the festive scene with a spot for the gnome himself. Once complete, you will have the perfect canvas to display all season long!
  • 1 Outline the canvas

    Trace the wood pumpkin and the door, windows and path from the template onto the canvas using a pencil.

  • 2 Paint the canvas

    Paint the upper half of the canvas blue and the lower half of the canvas green.

  • 3 Wipe & blot the paint

    Use paper towels to wipe off excess blue paint and blot the green, being sure to blot the green paint into the blue paint.

  • 4 Paint the house

    Paint the pumpkin house, door and windows.

  • 5 Paint pumpkins & path

    Paint some simple pumpkins in the background and the path previously traced in step one.

  • 6 Cover wood balloon

    Cover the unfinished wood balloon with felt and attach with the glue stick.

  • 7 Attach wood ball

    Hot glue the wood ball to the center of the felt.

  • 8 Attach fluff

    Cut an 8" piece of pom fluff and glue it to the center above the wood ball, allowing the fluff to fall on both sides of the wood ball.

  • 9 Create the gnome's hat

    Cut a 10" triangle from felt to make the hat, folding the bottom up to make a brim. Wrap the hat around the balloon, gluing the edges to the back of the balloon.

  • 10 Attach the gnome

    Hot glue the gnome to the canvas.

  • 11 Attach leaves

    Cut 2 leaf shapes from the felt and hot glue to the pumpkin.

  • 12 Add flowers

    Embellish areas of the canvas with flowers.

  • 13 Outline the house

    Outline the pumpkin, door, windows and path with the Sharpie® Marker.