Ivory Bead Filled Mason Jar Lamp

Ivory Bead Filled Mason Jar

What You'll Need:

Small Mouth Canning Jar
Canning Jar Lamp Adapter
Ivory Bead Jar Filler
Linen Flower Clip
Lamp Shade

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate time: 15 Minutes

How to Make an Ivory Bead Filled Mason Jar Lamp

This flirty, feminine lamp is a bright accent for a bedroom. Place it on a dresser to illuminate your space or keep it on the nightstand for late night reading. Don't forget, you can customize this lamp to fit your space perfectly. Try swapping out different colors and styles of ribbon, linen flowers and even vase filler.
  • 1 Attach ribbon and floral accent

    Tie ribbon around jar. Clip floral accent to ribbon.

  • 2 Fill jar

    Fill jar with jar filler.

  • 3 Attach adapter Ivory Bead Filled Mason Jar Lamp

    Screw on lamp adapter.

  • 4 Screw in bulb

    Install light bulb and shade.