Monogram Burlap Wreath

Burlap pull through wreath with monogram and ribbon

What You'll Need:

Wire Wreath Form
Wide Burlap
Coordinating Chenille Stems
#40 Chevron Ribbon
9" White Wooden Letter
Hot Glue

Courtesy of Kasey Mohr
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 1 Hour

How to Make a Monogram Burlap Wreath

This charming burlap wreath is a rustic front door accessory that you can use all year long! Pick your ribbon bow to match the burlap, the outside of your home or the next upcoming holiday. Don't forget to finish off the wreath with a wooden monogram.
  • 1 Weave the burlap

    Weave the beginning of the burlap through the wires of the wreath, securing it to start the wreath using a chenille stem.

  • 2 Pull a loop

    Pull a loop of burlap through the slats in the wreath.

  • 3 Fluff the burlap

    Fluff out the burlap to the size you want the loop to be, generally 2"-3" high.

  • 4 Pull through the next slat over

    Pull the next loop through the next slat forward. When the row of slats is complete, twist the burlap and move to the side to make the next row. Continue weaving back and forth until the wire frame is hidden.

  • 5 Slide & adjust

    Slide and adjust the loops to make the wreath look even and full.

  • 6 Make a bow

    Cut approximately 3 yds of ribbon to make your bow. Once the bow is tied, wrap burlap around the knot of the bow as an accent, hot gluing it in place. Hot glue the finished bow to the wreath.

  • 7 Add a wooden letter

    Hot glue a wooden letter to the center of the wreath.