Sparkling Fall Pumpkin

Sparkling Fall Pumpkin

What You'll Need:

Large Wooden Pumpkin
Wooden Cut-Outs:
3-Ply Jute
Gold Chunky Glitter
Vintage Gold Glass Glitter
Martha Stewart Crafts Paint:
  -Sweet Potato
  -Porcelain Doll
Painting Knife Set
1 1/2" Wooden Circles
Crystal Clear 3D Lacquer
Modeling Gel
Hot Glue
Paper Plate

Difficulty Level: Some Experience Helpful
Approximate Time: 1 Hour (Not Including Drying Time)

How to Make a Sparkling Fall Pumpkin

Decorate your own pumpkin for fall! Adorn a festive pumpkin with jute, leaves, and acorns. Complete the decoration with dashes of glitter to make the pumpkin glisten all season long!
  • 1 Paint a base coat onto the pumpkin

    Paint a basecoat of cream onto the pumpkin. Let it dry.

  • 2 Mix the paint & apply to the pumpkin

    On a paper plate, mix modeling gel with the paints orange, light blue, turquoise and cream using a palette knife. using the photo as a guide, apply the paints to the pumpkin with the palette knife. Set aside to dry.

  • 3 Paint the leaves & acorns

    Thin the paint with water and paint three leaves and two acorns. Use the 3d lacquer to fill in the cap of the acorns and outline the veins of the leaves. Set aside to dry.

  • 4 Sprinkle the glitter onto the pumpkin

    Use a palette knife to spread some modeling gel on areas of the pumpkin. Sprinkle chunky gold and vintage gold glitters onto the pumpkin. Allow gel to dry then tap off excess glitter.

  • 5 Attach the jute, leaves & acorns

    Wrap the jute around the stem six to seven times then tie into a bow with tails. Using the photo as a guide, arrange the leaves and acorns onto the pumpkin.

  • 6 Position the leaves & acorns

    Glue a wooden circle to the back of the acorns and one leaf. Stack and glue three circles to the back of one leaf. Reposition and glue the leaves and acorns into place.

  • 7 Position the acorns

    Wrape the jute's tail ends around the acorn stems. Trim the jute and tack the ends behind the acorns with glue.