Witch Hat Wreath

Witch Hat Wreath

What You'll Need:

Grapevine Wreath
Unfinished Wooden Witch Hat
Spider Webbing
Purple Moonlights
Martha Stewart Crafts Multi-Surface Paint:
  -Beetle Black
  -Sweet Potato
Red Orange Glitter
Extra Fine Pumpkin Glitter
1 1/2" Black Ribbon
26 Gauge Gunmetal Wire
Gold Glitter Cardstock
Mod Podge®
Hot Glue
Wire Cutters
Buckle Template


Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 1 Hour (Not Including Drying Time)

How to Make a Witch Hat Wreath

This wreath isn't hocus pocus! Decorate for the season with a Witch Hat Wreath. Grab a wooden witch hat, add spooky webbing and moonlights to make it shine on any door on a chilly fall night.
  • 1 Paint the wreath

    Paint the grapevine wreath black and set aside to dry.

  • 2 Prepare the witch's hat

    Remove the jute from the hat and use an awl to punch a hole in the bottom brim at about 4" from the left and 1/2" from the edge.

  • 3 Paint the witch's hat

    Paint the hat orange and let dry.

  • 4 Cut out the hat's buckle

    Trace and cut the buckle from the gold glitter cardstock.

  • 5 Mod Podge┬« the hat

    Mod Podge® the hat and sprinkle it with a mix of both glitters. Let it dry.

  • 6 Add the moonlights & webbing

    Wrap the moonlights on and around the front of the wreath. Cover the wreath with spider webbing.

  • 7 Add ribbon to the hat

    Cut a section of black ribbon to fit around the hat. Hot glue the ribbon to the back of the hat. Glue the buckle over the ribbon onto the front of the hat.

  • 8 Attach the hat to the wreath

    Cut two sections of wire. Insert the wire through the holes in the hat, position the hat on the wreath, wrap the wire around the wreath and twist to secure. Trim the excess wire.

  • 9 Add spiders

    Add some spiders to the webbing and glue one over the bottom hole in the hat.