Zombie Jars

Zombie Jars

What You'll Need:

Martha Stewart Crafts Multi-Surface Paint:
  -Granny Smith
  -Porcelain Doll
Human Look Wiggle Eyes
  -Lime Green
3 Smooth Mason Jars
Sharpie® Marker
Foam Brushes
Glue Dots®
3 Battery-Operated Tea Lights

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 30 Minutes (Not Including Drying Time)

How to Make Zombie Jars

Conjure up some spooky Halloween decorations with these Zombie Jars! Paint and accessorize to create this unique zombie trio. Once complete, you can add a tea light inside the mason jar to create an eerie accent or centerpiece.

The Zombie Mason Jars will be a great decoration to set next to the Decorative Zombie Spoons, too!
  • 1 Paint the inside of each jar

    Paint the insides of each of the three jars a different color: orange, blue and green. Let dry.

  • 2 Paint the outside of the jars

    Paint the outside of the jars white. Scrape areas of the jar with the end of a brush or craft stick to distress and allow the interior color to show through.

  • 3 Create the zombies' eyes

    Cut three circles from black and three circles from the colored cardstock. Draw swirls onto the colored circles and glue a wiggle eye on each. Glue another wiggle eye onto the black circles.

  • 4 Attach the eyes & create the zombies' faces

    Glue the eyes onto the jars. Draw a nose and mouth onto the jars with the Sharpie® marker.

  • 5 Add the tealights

    Place a battery-operated tea light inside of the jars to make them glow.