Chinese Money Plant

Chinese Money Plant

What You'll Need:

6" Clay Plot
Green Cardstock Value Pack
Darice® Nesting Circles Die Cuts
Cuttlebug or Die Cut Machine
  -Sold in Stores
Cloth-Covered 22 Gauge Floral Stem Wire
White Chalk Paint
Sheet Moss
Wire Cutters
General's® Charcoal White® Pencil
Tombow Multi Liquid Glue
Hot Glue

Difficulty: Beginner
Approximate Time: 1 Hour

How to Make a Chinese Money Plant

Decorate your home or office with a handmade paper Chinese Money Plant! This lifelike plant is easy to create with vibrant green cardstock, paint, moss and more.
  • 1 Paint the pot

    Thin the white paint down and use it to paint the pot. Set aside to dry.

  • 2 Cut out the circles

    Use the die cut machine to cut out three sizes of green paper circles.

  • 3 Create the leaves

    Use scissors to make one straight cut from the outside edge to the center point of each circle. Next, slightly overlap these cut edges and glue together to create a very shallow cone-shaped leaf.

  • 4 Draw lines

    Draw six straight lines out from the inside center of each paper leaf with the white charcoal pencil.

  • 5 Attach the stem wires

    Use a dab of hot glue on the pointed underside of each leaf to attach the green floral stem wires.

  • 6 Cut the stems

    Cut each stem at different lengths with the wire cutters.

  • 7 Cut & glue the floral foam

    Cut a piece of floral foam and hot glue it into the painted pot.

  • 8 Add sheet moss

    Cover the floral foam with sheet moss.

  • 9 Arrange the leaf stems

    Arrange the leaf stems in the pot to form the plant's shape.