Felt Leaf Topiary

Felt Leaf Topiary
What You'll Need:

5" Clay Pot
10" Metal Ring
3-Ply Jute Rope
2 Wooden Rabbit Cutouts
David TuteraTM Cardboard Stake
Acrylic Paint: White, Steel Grey
Felt: Olive, Copper, Smoke
Floral Foam
Craft Sticks
Foam Knife
Floral U Pins
Rope Cutter
Hot Glue
Leaf Template

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 3 Hours + Dry Time

How to Make a Felt Leaf Topiary

Create your own adorable Felt Leaf Topiary! Although it may not included real plants, you can still bring this topiary to life with colorful felt leaves, bunnies, and a stake hinting at a hidden vegetable growing inside the pot.
  • 1 Whitewash the pot

    Thin down the white paint with water and whitewash the pot. Set aside to dry.

  • 2 Wrap ring

    Wrap the ring with the jute. Use hot glue to tack the jute in place as you go.

  • 3 Add foam to pot

    Cut the foam to fit inside the pot. Cut a channel across the center of the foam. Secure the ring into the channel with the floral U pins and hot glue it into place.

  • 4 Trace leaf templates

    Trace the leaf templates onto a new sheet of paper and cut them out. Trace and cut seven large and three small leaves from the orange felt. Cut out nine large and thirteen small leaves from the green felt. Cut out two large and three small leaves from the grey felt. You can find the template here!

  • 5 Add leaves to ring

    Squeeze a drop of glue near the bottom center of each leaf and pinch it together. Using the photo as a guide, start at the top left side and glue the leaves to the ring, overlapping and alternating colors and sides. Glue the learger leaves towards base of pot.

  • 6 Add moss, paint bunnies & add stake

    Cover the foam with moss. Paint the bunnies and stake grey. Let dry. Whitewash over the grey. Let dry and then sand lightly. Glue a craft stick to back of each of the bunnies and insert them into the foam. Write a name or saying onto the stake and insert it in the foam.