Letter Texture Pig Sign

Letter Texture Pig Sign

What You'll Need:

14" x 24" Wood Pallet
Unfinished Wood with Metal Pig Sign
Americana® DecorTM A to Z Stencil
Acrylic Paint: Brown, Grey, White, Licorice, Coffee Bean, Shrimp, Birch
Brass Cup Hooks
Sponge Dabbers
Sanding Block

Difficulty: Beginner
Approximate Time: 3 Hours + Dry Time

How to Make a Letter Texture Pig Sign

Bring the farmhouse feel home with this Letter Texture Pig Sign! Rustic and full of character, this sign will look perfect in any kitchen setting.
  • 1 Paint the pallet

    Paint the pallet with water and thinned down brown and black paint. Let dry.

  • 2 Add white paint & then sand

    Dry brush the white paint onto the pallet. Let dry. Sand the surface and edges of the pallet.

  • 3 Add grey paint

    Go over the pallet with a wash of thinned down grey paint. Wipe down with a rag.

  • 4 Paint cup hooks

    Paint two cup hooks grey. Let dry.

  • 5 Paint the pig

    Remove the twine hanger from the pig. Base coat the wooden pig with the coffee bean colored paint. Let dry.

  • 6 Mix, paint & sand pig

    Mix a 3:1 ratio of the shrimp and birch colored paints and paint the pig. Sand the edges of the pig and apply a small amount of black paint with the sponge dabber along the edges.

  • 7 Apply stencil

    Angle the stencil on the pallet and use a sponge dabber to apply small amounts of black paint. Let dry.

  • 8 Reposition stencil & repeat

    Reposition the stencil and repeat with the dabber to fill the pallet with letters.

  • 9 Add pig

    Position the pig onto the pallet and use an awl to mark holes in the palley for hanging.

  • 10 Add grey cup hooks

    Screw in the grey cup hooks and hang the pig onto the pallet.