Photo Collage Vase

Photo Collage Vase

What You'll Need:

Peel & Stick Clear Laminate
Square Glass Vase
Photocopied or Printed Image
Spray Adhesive
Small Dish or Bowl

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Approximate Time: 30 Minutes (Not Including Dry Time)

How to Make a Photo Collage Vase

Turn your favorite memories into a vase that you can display anywhere! Place a mini tealight inside your finished vase to illuminate your selected images. Just remember, if you pick an image with any lettering or words, you must flip the image horizontally before printing.
  • 1 Trim image

    Trim your image to 3" x 3".

  • 2 Cut laminate

    Cut a piece of laminate slightly larger than the image.

  • 3 Peel the backing

    Peel the backing off of the laminate and lay it sticky side up on a smooth work surface.

  • 4 Adhere the laminate and image

    Beginning with one side of the image, carefully lay it printed side down onto the sticky surface. Flip the laminate over and rub the surface with the edge of a popsicle stick to assure an even adhesion of the image.

  • 5 Rub off the paper

    Flip the laminate back over to the wrong side. Wet your fingertips and gently rub the paper in a circular motion. The paper will break down and peel off. Continue wetting your fingertips and rubbing the paper until it is completely gone.

  • 6 Clean vase

    Thoroughly clean the vase with glass cleaner.

  • 7 Trim edges

    Trim off any uneven edges. In a well-ventilated area, lightly spray the back of the image transfer with spray adhesive.

  • 8 Adhere image transfer

    Apply the image transfer to the outside of your vase. Rub out any air bubbles to assure an even adhesion of the image.

  • 9 Repeat

    Repeat the process for the remaining sides of the vase.

  • 10 Display

    Display the vase with a mini tea light inside.