Plush Weather Buddy

Plush Weather Buddy

What You'll Need:

2, 9" x 12" Yellow Felt (Sun)
2, 9" x 12" White Felt (Cloud)
2, 9" x 12" Light Blue Felt (Raindrop)
1, 9" x 12" Baby Pink Felt
1, 9" x 12" Med. Blue Felt
40mm, 35mm & 30mm. 8 pairs of wiggle eyes
1" Pom Poms or Pom Pom Garland
Raindrop, Sun, Cloud, cheeks and smile patterns
Fabric Pins

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 20 Minutes

How to Make a Plush Weather Buddy

Spring is here and although it has brought along gloomy weather, an adorable Plush Weather Buddy will surely brighten up your mood! Craft your own sunshine, raindrop or cloud buddy (or all three!) using colorful felt, poms and googly eyes. Once complete, you'll be able to cuddle with them on a chilly spring night.
  • 1 Choose Weather Buddy

    Choose the sun, raindrop or cloud buddy and stack two pieces of felt that are the same color (example: 2 yellow pieces of felt for the sun) and pin the pattern to the stack.

  • 2 Cut out pattern

    Cut out the pattern shape. Remove the pins and paper pattern after cutting.

  • 3 Glue felt together

    Carefully glue together the two pieces of cut felt around the edge, leaving a 3" opening unglued at the bottom edge.

  • 4 Let dry & flip

    Let the glued edge dry completely then carefully turn the shape inside out so that the glued seam is now hidden inside of the pillow.

  • 5 Fill pillow

    Use Poly-fil® to completely stuff the pillow.

  • 6 Glue opening

    Carefully glue the 3" opening at the bottom edge closed. Use pins to help keep it closed while the glue dries.

  • 7 *Additional step for Sun pillow*

    If you are creating the sun pillow, glue on pom poms all around the seams edge.

  • 8 Create Weather Buddy's face

    Use the cheek and smile patterns (ADD LINK) to cut out pink cheeks and smile pieces for whichever pillow that you are creating. Glue on pink cheeks and the mouth.

  • 9 Add eyes to Weather Buddy

    Glue on two wiggle eyes to your Plush Weather Buddy.