Spring Pallet Birdhouse

Spring Pallet Birdhouse

What You'll Need:

Wooden Pallet Birdhouse
Large Wooden Craft Stick
Birds Nest with Moss
Wooden Eggs
Baker's Twine
Washi Tape of Choice
Tape Runner or Glue Stick
Coral Acrylic Paint
Brown Acrylic Paint
Green Acrylic Paint
White Acrylic Paint
X-Acto Knife®
Small Brads
Hot Glue
Wire Cutters
Cutting Mat

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Approximate Time: 2 Hours (Not Including Dry Time)

How to Make A Spring Pallet Birdhouse

Are you an animal lover? Give the birds a home this year by crafting your own Spring Pallet Birdhouse! Follow these step by step instructions and fill it with some bird seed, and they will flock to your yard in no time!
  • 1 Trim craft stick

    Use the X-Acto® knife to trim off the ends of the craft stick to 7 1/4''.

  • 2 Paint birdhouse & craft stick

    Water down the brown paint. Paint the birdhouse and craft stick. Let dry.

  • 3 Paint birdhouse

    Loosely brush white paint onto the birdhouse, letting areas of the brown show through. Loosely brush the green paint onto the birdhouse, letting the white and brown show through. Let dry.

  • 4 Stencil & paint sign

    Brush the craft stick with the coral paint, leaving the edges brown. Let dry. Lightly pencil in "Home Tweet Home'' and use a fine tipped paintbrush to paint the letters white. Let dry.

  • 5 Attach sign

    Attach the sign to the birdhouse with small brads and a hammer.

  • 6 Cut & glue nest

    Use the wire cutters to cut the nest in half. Glue one half to the bottom of the birdhouse. Glue three wooden eggs into the nest.

  • 7 Make washi tape bunting

    To make the washi tape bunting, apply 6'' of the tape to a piece of white paper. Align another 6'' strip of the same color along the top of the previous strip. Fold along the seam with the tape on the outside. Cut out triangles with the seam at the top. Repeat to create more colors.

  • 8 Cut & glue baker's twine

    Cut a 20'' length of baker's twine and fold the bunting triangles over the twine. Glue in place. Drape the bunting to one side of the house and glue ends in place.