Umbrella Showers Canvas

Umbrella Showers Canvas

What You'll Need:

16x20 Canvas
Acrylic Paints
Watercolor Paints
90lb Water Color Paper
Medium Point Paint Pen
.125 Dowel Rod
12mm Wood Beads
Hot Glue


Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Approximate Time: 2 Hours

How to Make an Umbrella Showers Canvas

You know what they say, April showers bring May flowers! Paint a little boy or girl playing in the puddles as the raindrops and umbrellas fall. Once complete, you'll have a great canvas to display all season long!
  • 1 Paint canvas

    Paint canvas and allow to dry.

  • 2 Cut out umbrellas

    Trace umbrellas template onto watercolor paper and cut out. Fold along the dotted lines.

  • 3 Paint umbrellas

    Pain te folder papers with watercolor paint and set aside to dry.

  • 4 Trace template

    Rub the back of the little boy or little girl template with a pencil and trace the image on the painted canvas.

  • 5 Paint image

    Paint the image and set aside to dry.

  • 6 Fold umbrella canopies

    Fold the painted papers in half gluing the smaller ends together.

  • 7 Cut umbrella handles

    Cut the dowel rod into 3rds. Glue a wood bead to one end and glue the other end to the center of the umbrella.

  • 8 Outline image

    Outline the painted child image.

  • 9 Add umbrellas to canvas

    Glue umbrellas in place on the canvas.

  • 10 Embellish canvas

    Using a paint pen, embellish the canvas with raindrops and puddles.