Beachy Serving Tray

White washed wood serving tray

What You'll Need:

Wooden Tray
Colored Multi Surface Acrylic Paint
White Multi Surface Acrylic Paint
Scrapbook Paper
Beach Themed Stencil
Mod Podge
Spray Sealer
Wooden Balls
Foam Brush
Sand Paper

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Approximate Time: 45 Minutes (Not Including Dry Time)

How to Make a Beachy Serving Tray

Serve snacks and drinks in beachy style! Whether you're enjoying a refreshing lemonade at the lake or looking for a way to hand out snacks at your backyard patio party, this tray is your simple solution. Paint it in any color you like then add details like shells.
  • 1 Glue balls

    Glue balls to the bottom of the tray.

  • 2 Paint tray

    Paint tray with multi surface acrylic paint and let dry completely.

  • 3 Distress

    Distress tray using sand paper.

  • 4 White wash

    Wash with 1 part white paint, 1 part water. Let dry completely.

  • 5 Cut paper

    Cut paper to fit in bottom of tray.

  • 6 Stencil a design

    Stencil a seashell, or other beach themed design on paper.

  • 7 Mod Podge paper

    Use Mod Podge to secure the paper in place, then cover with Mod Podge. Let dry completely.

  • 8 Spray with sealer

    Spray with sealer to help prevent tackiness of Mod Podge.