Beachy Stacked Wood Blocks

Sea, sun, sail, beach weathered wood blocks

What You'll Need:

Wood Blocks
Cork Letters
Wood Sailboat
Lavender Acrylic Paint
Red Acrylic Paint
Cerulean Acrylic Paint
Blue Acrylic Paint
Cadmium Acrylic Paint
Green Acrylic Paint
Buttermilk Acrylic Paint
Brown Pigment Ink Pad
Sanding Block
Paint Brushes
Sponge Dauber
Hot Glue

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 1 Hour (Not Including Dry Time)

How to Make Beachy Stacked Wooden Blocks

Put these bachy letters in any seaside home, or customize them for your place on the lake. No matter where you display them the colorful weathered wood and cork letters will remind you of warm days spent enjoying the sea, sun, sailing and most importantly the beach!
  • 1 Paint blocks

    Paint each of the blocks using a different brightly colored acrylic paint. Let dry completely.

  • 2 Paint sailboat

    Paint wooden sailboat. Let dry completely.

  • 3 Paint letters

    Arrange the cork letters to spell out sun, sea, sail and beach. Use a sponge dauber to apply buttermilk acrylic paint across the tops of the letters. Let dry completely.

  • 4 Sand blocks

    Sand the sides, edges and fronts of each block. Wipe the blocks down to remove any dust, then ink the edges of the blocks.

  • 5 Glue letters

    Arrange the cork letters on each block, then hot glue them in place. Glue the wood sailboat to the top block.