Distressed Paddle DIY Coat Hanger

Distressed Paddle DIY Coat Hanger

What You'll Need:

30" Wood Paddle
Hardware Knobs
4 Ply Jute
Hand Drill
Light Gray Acrylic Paint
Black Acrylic Paint
Foam Brushes
Sanding Block
Straw Bead
Ring Hangers
Hot Glue
Screw Driver

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Approximate Time: 2 Hours (Not Including Dry Time)

How to Make a Distressed Paddle DIY Coat Hanger

Lose the stress and the clutter with this Distressed Paddle DIY Coat Hanger! Whether you hang your coat or your keys on it, this easy and trendy DIY coat hanger will add the perfect coastal chic touch to your home!
  • 1 Measure & mark paddle

    Measure down the center of the paddle and mark 3.5" from the end, then 7" and 10.5". 

  • 2 Drill 3 holes

    Use your hand drill to drill a hole in each of your markings. 

  • 3 Paint paddle

    Paint the paddle light gray and allow to dry completely. 

  • 4 Dry brush & sand back

    Dry brush black paint along the edges, allow to dry. Sand the edges back and surface of the paddle to distress. 

  • 5 Add hardware to paddle

    Cut straw beads to about 1/2". Slide them onto the post of the hardware and then add hardware to the paddle and secure with nuts on the back. 

  • 6 Wrap with jute

    Wrap a section of the handle with jute. Hot glue jute in place. 

  • 7 Screw in ring hangers

    Screw in 2 ring hangers onto the back of the paddle for hanging.