Nautical Mermaid Deco Mesh Wreath

Nautical Mermaid Deco Mesh Wreath

What You'll Need:

Chevron Burlap Ribbon (1)
Navy Poly Satin Ribbon (1)
Windowpane Mesh Brown (2)
Jute Mesh Demin (2)
Floral Tinsel Wreath (1)
Floral Starfish (3)
Mermaid Wall Plaque (1)
Organza Ribbon (1)
Hot Temp Glue Gun
  Glue Stick Size- 7 1/16 Inch
Hot Melt Extra Strength High Temp Glue Sticks
Wire Cutter
22 Gauge Black Wire


Courtesy of EnWreathed
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 1.5 Hours

How to Make a Nautical Mermaid Deco Mesh Wreath

Anchors aweigh! Make waves with this nautical themed Deco Mesh Wreath. Use seaside inspired ribbon, mesh, floral starfish and a mermaid plaque to create the perfect summertime decor!
  • 1 Protect work area

    Protect working area. Mesh and ribbon will shed once cut and hot glue may drip.

  • 2 Attach blue mesh to wreath

    Start at the inner ring of the wreath and gather the ends of the blue mesh and secure to the wire base using the attached ties. Secure mesh snugly to the wreath. The ties will be used multiple times during the creation of the wreath so make sure to keep as much of the tie available as possible. Keep the ends tucked so they appear on the underside of the base. Continue to secure the mesh to the ring by measuring 11 inches and secure at the next tie section.

  • 3 Continue attaching mesh

    Continue to complete the inner circle and move to the outside ring until all ties are used.

  • 4 Repeat using windowpane brown mesh

    Using the windowpane brown mesh, secure to the inner circle as noted in step 2. Proceed to the outside wreath ring until all ties are used.

  • 5 Fluff

    Fluff the mesh sections to expand and shape.

  • 6 Cut ribbon

    Cut the ribbon into 14 inch lengths.

  • 7 Fold & cut ribbon

    The ribbon ends need to be cut into V shapes as this prevents fraying and adds a finished look. Fold the ribbon in half width wise and then fold the length so the open edges are to the left side. The fold side is on the right. Cut the end of the ribbon at an angle.


  • 8 Attach ribbon to wreath

    Lay all three ribbon patterns on top of each other and cinch in the middle. Secure on the wreath using the ties at each section. Alternate patterns for a variable appearance.

  • 9 Prepare mermaid plaque

    Attach wire or pipe cleaners to the sign by stapling to the backside to secure. This method will help in mounting to the wreath.

  • 10 Attach mermaid plaque to wreath

    Wire the sign to the wreath base by laying it on top of the mesh. Move the ribbon away from the location you choose.

  • 11 Attach starfish to wreath

    Hot glue the underside of the starfish and place ontop of the mesh.