DIY Evergreen Candles

DIY Evergreen Candles

What You'll Need:

Mason jar (size of choice)
Gel wax
Floating candles
Snippet of a real evergreen tree
Glass pieces mini wreath 
Pine scented essential oil
Mod Podge

Courtesy of Carmona by HomemadebyCarmona
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Approximate Time: 

How to Make DIY Evergreen Candles

If you could bottle the beauty of the winter, what would it look like? I imagine it would smell like evergreens and sparkle like frozen snow droplets, and what is cold weather without the warm glow of a fire?

Today we're going to do just that! We're making DIY winter candles that have the scent and beauty reminiscent of all things winter. These candles will have the appearance of floating candles without the mess, and without it ruining our "floating" decorations inside!

  • 1 Cut evergreen brances DIY Evergreen Candles

    Start by cutting snippets of an evergreen branch, and the mini glass wreath into smaller pieces. 
    You will need to allow the evergreen to dry before use, or it will turn yellow later when you pour wax on it. To dry it, place the evergreen pieces on a cookie sheet, and bake them at 175 degrees fahrenheit in order to dry them out. Alternatively, you can place them in a corner somewhere for a week before making your candles so they will be completely dry before using.

  • 2 Prep mason jars DIY Evergreen Candles

    While your evergreen pieces are drying, prep your mason jars by brushing Mod Podge around the inside bottom edges of your jar.

  • 3 Pour glitter DIY Evergreen Candles

    Pour a little glitter in the bottom of the jar and swirl it around until the brushed on Mod Podge is thoroughly coated with glitter.

  • 4 Lay greens inside jars DIY Evergreen Candles

    Once the Mod Podge is completely dry, and the evergreen pieces are also dry, begin to lay out the glass wreath pieces and evergreen around the bottom half of your jar.

  • 5 Melt wax DIY Evergreen Candles

    To melt your gel wax, remove it from the package, and cut it into smaller pieces. Place them in a small pot and cook stovetop on low until all the pieces have melted. Add in your pine essential oil or any other candle scent of choice, and mix thoroughly.

  • 6 Pour wax into jars DIY Evergreen Candles

    Let the wax sit for about 10 minutes so it isn't piping hot when you pour it. 
    Very slowly pour a little of the melted gel wax into each mason jar. It may bubble up slightly, just wait for the bubbling to stop before adding more gel wax. Fill each jar about halfway full, but ensure each wreath and evergreen piece is completely covered in wax.

  • 7 Place candles on top DIY Evergreen Candles

    Wait for the gel wax to cool and partially set before placing the floating candle on top. If you want it to be centered, a pencil with a piece of string tied around it and around the wick of the candle will help hold it in place until the wax sets completely.

  • 8 Enjoy your creations DIY Evergreen Candles

    Now you can enjoy the scent and beauty of winter in a jar any time of year! You could even place the lids back on wrap a bow around it, and give it as a gift next Christmas! It's like having a mini winter wonderland in candle form all year long!