Holiday Pillow Cover

Holiday Pillow Cover

What You'll Need:

14" Pillow Form
16" x 46" Non-Stretch Holiday Fabric
5 Cotton Holiday Prints: 12" x 12"
Sewing Machine
Buttons: 1 1/2" , 2"
HeatnBond® Ultrahold
Brown Embroidery Floss
Tape Measure
Straight Pins
14" x 14" Poster Board
Tree Templates

Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Approximate Time: 1 Hour

How to Make a Holiday Pillow Cover

Curl up next to the fire with a festive Pillow Cover! Get into the holiday spirit as you sew, stitch and pin a pillow cover-don't forget to add your favorite seasonal fabric and wooden buttons. Once complete, you'll have the perfect decor for the winter season!
  • 1 Lay the fabric & pin

    Using the photo as a guide, lay the 16" x 46" fabric flat, at the two 16" ends pins a 4 1/2" hem using a couple of pins near the center of each hem to secure.

  • 2 Rearrange the fabric

    After pinning both of the 4 1/2" hems, flip the fabric over so the pins are now faving down. These two hemmed edges will overlap each other on the back of the pillow cover.

  • 3 Fold the fabric

    Fold the fabric into thirds, with one pinned end overlapping the other by an inch.

  • 4 Measure the fabric

    Use the tape measure to make sure that you now have a 15" x 16" folded fabric pillow cover with the two 4 1/2" hemmed ends overlapping each other at the backside of the pillow cover. You can leave the hem pins in place until after you have completed steps 6 and 7.

  • 5 Attach additional pins

    Next, use some additional pins running in straight rows about 1" in from each of the open outside edges of the pillow cover.

  • 6 Sew the edges

    Sew both of the pinned edges closed with straight stitch lines.

  • 7 Remove the pins

    Remove all of the pins used and turn the pillow cover right side out.

  • 8 Insert poster board

    Insert the square of poster board into the pillow cover to keep glue from seeping through the pillow cover.

  • 9 Iron on the adhesive backing

    Iron the adhesive backing onto a piece of holiday print.

  • 10 Pin & cut the templates

    Print and cut out the tree templates. Pin the tree templates onto the fabrics and cut them out.

  • 11 Arrange & iron on the trees

    Arrange the fabric trees with the ones in the foreground overlapping the ones in the background. Iron the trees onto the pillow cover.

  • 12 Attach buttons

    Stitch buttons under the trees in the foreground, using the floss.

  • 13 Insert pillow

    Insert a 14" stuffed pillow into the pillow cover through the overlapped opening of the cover.