Noel Pallet Decor

Noel Pallet Decor

What You'll Need:

16" x 12" Wooden Pallet tag
Wooden Noel Word Art
Assorted Wooden Snowflakes
Olive Felt
Wooden Spools
Dritz® Liquid Stitch
Acrylic Paint
Holiday Fabric
Ranger® Black Ink
Sand Paper Block
Hot Glue
HeatnBond® Ultrahold
Tree Templates


Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 2 Hours (Not Including Dry Time)

How to Make a Noel Pallet Decor

Make this Noel Pallet Décor for the holiday season! Paint the pallet, add snowflakes and choose your favorite seasonal fabric to create a festive piece that can be displayed in your home all winter long!
  • 1 Paint the pallet

    Using the photo as a guide, paint the pallet red. Let dry and then dry brush with white paint.

  • 2 Paint "Noel" & the snowflakes

    Paint the "Noel" word art green. Paint five medium sized snowflakes white, set aside to dry.

  • 3 Prepare the templates

    Print and cut out the tree templates.

  • 4 Pin & cut out larger tree

    Pin the larger outside edge tree templates to the felt and cut them out.

  • 5 Cut out smaller trees

    Use an iron to attach the adhesive backing to the holiday fabrics. Cut out two smaller trees from the printed fabric.

  • 6 Add borders to the trees

    Peel off the paper backing and use an iron to stick each printed tree to the center of a felt tree so that a felt border shows around all the edges.

  • 7 Sand & ink the edges

    Sandf the edges of the pallet, snowflakes and "Noel." Ink the edges with the black ink stamp pad.

  • 8 Arrange the pallet

    Arrange the trees, "Noel" and snowflakes onto the pallet.

  • 9 Add dimension to the pieces

    Glue spools to the back of "Noel", two bigger snowflakes and the larger tree. Glue a small snowflake to the back of three snowflakes to give them dimension.

  • 10 Attach pieces to the pallet

    Glue the smaller tree to the pallet first, then glue the remaining pieces in place.