Snowman Light Bulb

Snowman Light Bulb

What You'll Need:

4" PET Light Bulb
Fabric Scrap
Black Glitter Foamie
Assorted White Pom Poms
Black Scribbles Paint
Orange Scribbles Paint
Foam Brush
X-ACTO Knife

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 30 Minutes

How to Make a Snowman Light Bulb

These adorable little snowmen make cute wintertime decorations, but are also perfect for holiday place settings or small hostess gifts! Make an entire family of snowmen for your friends and family!
  • 1 Fill bulb

    Fill the light bulb with white poms.

  • 2 Paint lid

    Paint the lid with black paint and let it dry completely.

  • 3 Cut a circle

    Cut a 2" circle out of the glitter Foamie. Press the bottom of the lid down firmly onto the center of the circle to make an impression. Score an asterisk through the inner circle with an X-ACTO knife. Trim the inner pieces with scissors or the knife. 

  • 4 Push circle down

    Push the circle down over the top of the bulb. Replace the lid.

  • 5 Add a face

    Use the Scribbles black paint to dot eyes, a mouth and buttons. Let it dry completely.

  • 6 Add a carrot nose

    Use Scribbles orange paint to paint a small carrot nose. Let it dry completely.

  • 7 Add a scarf

    Tear a 1" x 10" strip of fabric and tie it around the bulb for a scarf. Trim if necessary.