Braided Necklace

Braided Beaded Necklace

What You'll Need:

12" Turquoise Stone Round Beads 6mm
7" Rondelle Crystal Beads in Aqua AB 3 x 4mm
7" Strung Crackle Natural Stone Beads in Rosy Pink
7" Rondelle Crystal Beads in Clear 4 x 6mm
5mm Oval Loop Chain
Fancy Round Link Chain
5mm Stamped Oval Chain
Steel Twist Chain
2 1/2mm Cup Chain Necklace
Brass Lobster Clasp in Gold
Silver End Crimps
Brass 7mm Jump Rings in Gold
Brass 10mm Jump Rings in Gold
1.3 Crimp Beads in Gold & Silver
7 Strand Jewelry Wire in Gold & Silver
G-S Hypo Cement

Courtesy of Darice
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Approximate Time: 1 Hour

How to Make a Braided Necklace

A splash of vibrant color and a flash of brilliant chain makes this necklace the perfect statement accessory for any outfit, and if you have a little bit of jewelry crafting experience, you can make one yourself. With a little crimping, a few jump rings and about an hour of time you can complete this adorable accessory.
  • 1 Cut & glue

    Cut the rhinestone chain to 9" and glue 2 rhinestones on each end, to end crimps using G-S Hypo Cement.

  • 2 Cut & crimp strands

    Cut the fancy round link chain, stamped oval chain and steel twist chain to 12". Crimp a piece of gold 7 strand wire to the round link chain, then place 2 turquoise stone beads on the strand and go through the second link and up the next. Continue until the end, and crimp the wire.

  • 3 Bead & crimp

    Take the steel twist chain and crimp the silver 7 strand wire on the first link, then take 1 red 4 x 6 rondelle and 1 clear 4 x 6 rondelle and place on the wire. Take the wire through the second link and up, then place the next 2 beads on and continue until the end. Crimp the wire on the last link.

  • 4 Place beads on wire

    Take the gold 7 strand wire and place 1 aqua rondelle and 1 rosy pink rondelle on the wire until the wire is 12". Crimp both ends, leaving a loop on each end to string on a jump ring.

  • 5 Create the back of the chain

    Cut the oval loop chain into 2" to 5" strips. Place a 7mm jump ring on an end of strip 1 and place a 7mm jump ring and lobster claw on the end of strip 2. Join the strips together to create the back of the necklace chain.

  • 6 Braid chains

    Take a 10mm jump ring and add it to an end of the back of the necklace chain. Then, place the first link of the turquoise stone strand, the stamped oval chain, the rosy pink strand and the red and clear strand on the jump ring. Begin to braid, making sure that the beads face front and that the braiding is nice and tight. When you get to the other end attach to a 10mm jump ring and to the other end of the back of the necklace chain.

  • 7 Add rhinestone chain

    Add the 9" rhinestone chain from Step 1 to each end of the 10mm ring.

  • 8 Add gold chain

    Cut the small gold chain to 13" and add it to the 10mm jump rings.