Bright Studded Bracelets

Silver Bright Color Studded Bracelets

What You'll Need:

2 Packages Pink and Orange Metal Stud Beads
2 Packages Pink and Light Blue Metal Stud Beads
Antique Silver Metal Stud Beads
4mm Bright Silver Metal Round Beads
.8mm Clear Stretch Cord

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 15 Minutes per Bracelet

How to Make Bright Studded Bracelets

Add some shiny bright color to your style with handmade Bright Studded Bracelets. These stylish, stackable accessories combine shiny metal and your favorite colors to make the most fashionable bracelets. Make them with friends so you can mix and match the finished product.
  • 1 Slide beads

    Slide the top hole of a spike bead and a metal bead onto the stretch cord.

  • 2 Repeat

    Repeat Step 1 until there are 12 studs on the bracelet alternating with 12 round beads on the cord.

  • 3 Trim cord & secure

    Trim cord leaving 3" tails. Tie a knot tight to beads and pull taught. Dab with bead glue or knot several times for extra security. Trim ends.

  • 4 Repeat on bottom holes

    Repeat on bottom holes of spike beads, alternating with metal beads.

  • 5 Repeat

    Repeat Step 3.