Colorful Kids Paracord Bracelet

Colorful Kids Paracord Bracelet

What You'll Need:

Ruler or Measuring Tape
Dress It Up® Buttons

Courtesy of Dress It Up® Buttons
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Approximate Time: 45 Minutes

How to Make a Colorful Kids Paracord Bracelet

Colorful paracord bracelets are a fun project for kids to create! Children will love personalizing these bracelets with their favorite, vibrant colors of paracord. Plus, add assorted Dress It Up Buttons® for a playful charm.
  • 1 Step 1

    Cut 2 6’ strands of paracord. Select 2 different colors of cord, or use the same color if you prefer.

  • 2 Step 2

    Take the first paracord strand and loop it with 1 side being about 18” long.

  • 3 Step 3 Colorful Kids Paracord Bracelet

    Use the second paracord strand to tie a knot around the loop, leaving 1 side about 18” on the same side as the 18” end of the first paracord strand.

  • 4 Step 4 Colorful Kids Paracord Bracelet

    Take the 2 18” strands and put them in the center, separating the two longer pieces to each side.

  • 5 Step 5 Colorful Kids Paracord Bracelet

    Take 1 long strand and wrap it around the 2 middle strands from the back to the front, putting the end of the long strand through the loop it makes. Do the same for the second long strand.

  • 6 Step 6

    Tighten loops while sliding them to the top. Continue the pattern until you are ready to put on your first button.

  • 7 Step 7 Colorful Kids Paracord Bracelet

    To add a button, take 1 strand from the center of your bracelet and thread it through the loop on the back of the button. Slide the button up as far as it will go and continue your pattern around it. You can use many buttons, or just a few. If you plan to use an entire package, about 5 buttons, put a button on the bracelet every 6 loops of a single color.

  • 8 Step 8

    Once you have reached the desired length of your bracelet, take all 4 strands and tie a knot about an inch from where your loops end.

  • 9 Step 9

    Cut any excess paracord and singe the edges with a lighter to prevent fraying. When the ends cool, your bracelet is ready to wear!